thank you for smoking

dan's smoker ("eva") has gotten lots of use since her arrival in february. she has made almost enough delicious food to make up for the fact that she arrived the day after the superbowl rather than before. some highlights: 

for eva's maiden voyage: smoked ribs

presenting: bacon-wrapped brisket

smoked bacon. amazing.

feasting. smoked brisket, smoked chicken wings in home-made buffalo sauce, and home-made bbq sauce. and of course mashed potatoes.

smoked to perfection.

yum. chicken, you did not die in vain.


puerto rico (march 2009)

i love latin food. LOVE. so for what may be my last spring break trip ever, jinhee and i went to puerto rico. this is (some of) what we ate.

bistec encebollada with rice and beans at the hotel restaurant


some sort of chicken with some sort of baked plantain deliciousness

mofongo (mashed plantains) con pollo

more bistec. this time with maduros.

queso frito. it's just cheese. that's fried. it's like they read my dreams.

incredibly overpriced red wine