thank you for smoking

dan's smoker ("eva") has gotten lots of use since her arrival in february. she has made almost enough delicious food to make up for the fact that she arrived the day after the superbowl rather than before. some highlights: 

for eva's maiden voyage: smoked ribs

presenting: bacon-wrapped brisket

smoked bacon. amazing.

feasting. smoked brisket, smoked chicken wings in home-made buffalo sauce, and home-made bbq sauce. and of course mashed potatoes.

smoked to perfection.

yum. chicken, you did not die in vain.


puerto rico (march 2009)

i love latin food. LOVE. so for what may be my last spring break trip ever, jinhee and i went to puerto rico. this is (some of) what we ate.

bistec encebollada with rice and beans at the hotel restaurant


some sort of chicken with some sort of baked plantain deliciousness

mofongo (mashed plantains) con pollo

more bistec. this time with maduros.

queso frito. it's just cheese. that's fried. it's like they read my dreams.

incredibly overpriced red wine


belated: 5th annual drunken pesach (april 2009)

it's almost halfway to the 6th annual drunken seder, but because i actually remembered to document much of the week long food prep process for this year's seder, i feel it deserves a post. the 5th annual drunken seder was the largest yet (40ish people). all food was home-made and gluten free (except the boxed matzoh). there were veggie alternatives for everything but the roast chicken, including tofu brisket (trisket) and veggie "chicken" soup.

making matzoh

i'm a glutard. matzoh is made from wheat. hence, i make my own. 
ingredients: some form of gluten free bread flour; flax seed meal; egg; water.
cooking things
one of three ten-pound briskets.

no jewish meal is complete without generous amounts of garlic.

the beginnings of trisket (tofu brisket).

perfectly hard boiled, thanks to liz's instructions. (put eggs in pot with cold water. bring to boil. boil for a minute. turn heat off. let sit for ten minutes. transfer to cold water immediately).
eating things

passover traditionally calls for roasted eggs. most people now serve hard boiled. i serve them deviled. i make mine without mayo, mainly because i find mayo disgusting (except when in a good aioli), but also because it's healthier. i generally mix egg yolk with yellow and dijon mustards. sometimes i throw in a bit of horse radish. salt and pepper, obviously. piped back into egg white with icing tip to look super classy. paprika on top. 

roast chicken. carved to perfection by dan. served with a smile by adam.

almost 30 pounds of brisket. basically mom's recipe, but with a few of my own tweaks. (read: significantly more garlic).

dessert. flourless chocolate cake, naturally. i did not make it. sadly, i cannot bake. luckily adam can. and he did. and i ate it. and it was delicious.

if anyone were actually going to read this i would put more effort into it.

i believe that blogging is now mandatory during periods of unemployment. laboring under that assumption, here's my contribution to the already over-saturated world of food blogs. not so much a cooking blog or a restaurant blog; more of an eating blog. mostly a place for me to post the many (low quality) pictures of food that i keep taking for no particular reason. short posts. short sentences (okay, sentence fragments). poor grammar. no caps. but lots of food. always gluten free. generally delicious. sometimes nutritious. frequently home-made. this is what i eat.